YIYI Factory New Arrived Two CNC Engraving Machines

On March 30th, our CEO, Niko Feng officially signed an order agreement with Beijing JDNA for two Jingdiao machines. On the 31st, one of the CNC engraving machines has been deployed and put into production smoothly, and the second one is expected to be put into production in early April.
Before that, we had a total of ten engraving machines for engraving acrylic and acetate plates. The monthly production capacity is about 80,000 hair accessories. It is expected that the production capacity of hair accessories will increase by 15% in April.
Niko Feng emphasized: The production capacity largely determines the upper limit of a hair accessories company. The addition of new machines is of great significance to us. In the future, we will build more and better hair accessories production lines, adhere to customer orientation, and produce more products to satisfy customers custom hair accessories


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