Why We Should Build Our Own Sales Website

China is a country with a long history and has rich traditional culture. We hope that people from different countries can come to understand our traditional culture. Mutual communication, mutual understanding, bring beautiful things to people.

We were a small hair accessories manufacturer 7 years ago. Because of the development of the world economy, people from many different countries have come to our city — Yiwu. They like our products and are willing to trust us, which gives us many opportunities to develop our small hair accessories factory. With the passage of time, we have gained many customers and friends. Gradually we have developed, the site is getting bigger and bigger, and there are more and more workers. Thank you very much to all customers and friends.

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For 7 years, we have insisted that quality is the first standard. All of us believe that this is the reason why we can last so long. But because of the 2020 COVID-19, many of our customers can’t come to China. This virus has caused great harm to people all over the world, and it also has a great impact on us. It’s a time for us to change– we thought. Or we will Otherwise we would be forced to downsize or even go bankrupt, which is not something that I as a founder would like to see happen.

As we all know,Change is difficult for companies that have formed a style. Many practical problems need to be solved. Previously, we accepted orders from international trading companies. Trading companies play a very important role in the country and the country’s trade. They tell us about customer needs, tell us about standards, and tell us about design ideas. What we have to do is to produce according to the needs of our customers. No need to think.

Because of the impact of the COVID-19, business seems to have changed. We are missing most of the orders from trading companies. Workers cannot exchange labor for the money they need. The company can’t continue to develop, can’t pay taxes to the country, and can’t bring workers higher income to improve their lives.

We always thought we were good before. China is the world’s factory and will not easy to change, there will be many orders, but the virus has changed our perception. We found that once we lost the order from the international trading company, we were very scared, nervous, and even lost our job. So we have to change.

We hope to establish business relationships with local retailers and wholesalers. Many local stores have their own small brands, they have their own customer base, and they know their customers very well. For example, styles, colors, and popular styles, why can’t we reduce the minimum order quantity to meet their requirements?

If you have your own clothing store in your local area, you can’t have too much inventory of hair accessories. Then we will change the MOQ to satisfy you. We have our own independent designers, so why can’t we design for you? At the same time we will upload our own designs and ideas.

So we built our own website. Our customers can view new styles and new colors. Provide a more convenient way to customers.

May the world be better!



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