What is Acetate?

What is the difference between Acetate Acrylic and Plastic? Why are we keen to use acetate?

When we started our business and decided to enter the hair accessories industry, we spent a lot of time investigating the market and materials. After constant trials and comparisons, we finally chose acetate and acrylic.

When we first came into contact with the material acetate, we were shocked. Not only because it is an environmentally friendly material, its raw materials are extracted from plant pulp, and it will change the hardness of the material with changes in temperature. There are too many colors, and still many acetate color patterns that can be created…


Each step of the acetate hair accessories is manually operated, and the irregular pattern of the material makes each product a unique and soulful handicraft.

Many artists will display it for various purposes, such as acetate display cards, acetate brooches,acetate toy accessories, personalized acetate tags, and so on. .

Like some famous brands of Alexander, Gucci hair accessories are made of acetate this material.


It should be no stranger for plastic and acrylic. But I believe that many people is first time to learn acetate.

For a better introduction, below I quote a paragraph of Baidu Encyclopedia’s definition of acetate, acrylic and plastic:


Acetic acid sheet(acetate): mainly extracted from the pulp of plants, it is a natural cell membrane acetic acid, so it is very environmentally friendly, and it is mostly used in hair accessories, with good toughness, gloss and texture. (Put the raw material of the acetic acid sheet, or the photo of the pellet)

Acrylic: It comes from English and is polymerized from acrylic monomer (granule or liquid) MMA. In terms of the use of acrylic: it can be divided into: advertising materials, decoration materials, and handicraft materials.


Plastic:The main component of plastic is resin. The term resin was originally named for the lipids secreted by animals and plants, such as rosin, shellac, etc. Resin refers to a polymer compound that has not been mixed with various additives. The resin accounts for about 40% to 100% of the total weight of the plastic. The basic properties of plastics are mainly determined by the nature of the resin, but additives also play an important role. Some plastics are basically composed of synthetic resins, with no or little additives, such as plexiglass, polystyrene, etc.


This is a very boring commentary.


Acetate and acrylic hair accessories are very similar in process, except that the raw materials are different, and some colors are almost indistinguishable. They are all made of plate cutting, polishing, shaping, and viscose to obtain the final product, but the plastic resin is directly injection molded.

Therefore, the MOQ of plastics is high (thousands), the price is low, and the quality is relatively not so good.

In contrast, the MOQ of acetic acid and acrylic can be controlled very low, usually 50 per color. The cost of creative design is low, and the flexibility is high. It is very suitable for small retail customers, or customers who require high-quality branding.


We have helped many customers from zero to the realization of their own brands.


It is believed that acetate will develop better and better in the future, because it is a visible fashion trend to improve the quality of life and care for the environment.


Making high-quality hair accessories is the purpose of our company, and we hope that acetate will be known and liked by more and more people. Compared with the fast-moving consumer goods of plastic hair accessories, we hope that acetate hair accessories will become handicrafts that can be collected and used all the time.


There is always a beautiful picture in my mind. A dignified and exquisite old lady walked into our store with an acetate hair claw and said: “Hello, can I change the metal spring for free? This been bought 20 years ago. I want to give it to my granddaughter as an annual gift tomorrow.”


Natural, pure, caring, classic ~ the characteristics of acetate are also the reasons why we are passionate about it.

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