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We often receive inquiries from customers: What is your minimum order quantity? Therefore, we summarize the MOQ information here for customers to review.

Why set up MOQ for hair accessories?

In order to remain profitable. Our MOQ is actually 90% dependent on the utilization rate of the sheets. How to cut the most acetate flakes on the board is also an operation that requires experience. This minimizes excessive material waste and increases production efficiency, which is simply a reasonable way to control costs. There is also 10% for maintenance labor costs.

hair clip: 100pcs per color

Small size hair clips can discharge about 70~80pcs on one plate, and larger size can discharge about 50pcs, about two plates are needed

tortoise hair clipvintage hair clip

claw clip: 50pcs per color

Claw Clip actually needs two acetate sheets as the main structure, so one acetate plate can only make about 10~12 square claw clips, or about 8 butterfly claw clips, and the minimum order quantity of 50 pcs requires cutting at least four acetate plates.

butterfly claw clipbutterfly hair claw

barrette: 50pcs per color

comb: 50pcs per color

scrunchies: 50pcs per color

other: contact for more details

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