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Yiyi Hair Accessories: Our research on acetate is not just about producing hair accessories. It also includes acetic acid and acrylic handbags.

It is distinguished from other handbags by the combination of metal rhinestone and other accessories with acetate and acrylic. We can inlay various colors and patterns on the bag, you can add your logo, and the chain of the bag can also be produced with acetate. The exaggerated design and color matching are suitable for models and fashion shows. In the same way, bags and hair accessories in life are an important part of the collocation. A unique bag will make you a bright spot in the crowd.

Yiyi Hair Accessories: Different from other designer handbags, we are good at making some customized handbags,

If you are a fashion designer, bag seller, and like some unique and personalized handbags, then you should consider acetate and acrylic materials.

Many brand handbags in the market are made of fur, cowhide and crocodile leather. But we use environmentally friendly materials acetate or acrylic. We advocate environmental protection, do not harm lives, and can have personalized products. why not? Acetate hair accessories already have big brands like Alexander, and it is believed that acetate bags will also be liked by the public and become one of the materials for luxury bags.

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The craftsmanship of acetate bags is far more difficult than hair accessories. Not all acetate accessories factories can produce perfect bags. This requires very experienced workers and designers with ideas. We began to think of making bags with acetate, purely because my wife likes bags, I specially customized a gift for our wedding anniversary. I think most girls will like it, so this idea came up. My wife supports me very much.


She and I hope that more people will learn about and use acetic acid products. We want to do a promotion, maybe it will take 5-10 years. But we have always insisted on doing the right thing.


In addition,we want to say: As a factory that produces products, our more energy and time should be spent on factory management, quality control, and workers’ lives. In this team, everyone who works hard will get something. The business model of the world is changing. Before, we exported goods through trading companies. Guangzhou trading company, Taiwan trading company orders, now more and more end customers like online orders. The number of orders each time is small, and the personalized demand is high. So we changed the previous sales model. We are willing to contact end customers who have a small number of orders but have long-term cooperation.

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