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YIYI hair accessories: acetate and acrylic hair accessories manufacturer and supplier in China

Good hair accessories suppliers are hard to find. Especially the custom design of hairpins can be realized quickly.

YIYI hair accessories have a team of unique design hair pins. You only need to provide your design ideas.

We can quickly provide drawings and more than 800+ color options.

The minimum order quantity requirement of YIYI hair accessories for hairpins is: 50pcs per color. . This can best support wholesale partners.

Four Cute Little Animal Hairpins For Kids

Cute colorful animal hair clip for children.

UV Printed Hairpin BB Clip Custom Pattern

Any pattern can be customized, a variety of unique hairpins.

Flower Callas Hair Clips For Girls

Beautiful and fresh calla flower hairpin, suitable for girls.

Custom Acetate Letter Hairpins

Customize different letters hair clips for girls!

Unique Color-changing Hibiscus Flower Hair Clips

French original design unique color-changing hibiscus flower hair clips colorful acetate hair clips for women.

Large Acetate Square Hair Clips

Fashion hair clips crocodile hairpin for girls.

Large Ellipse Acetate Hair Pin

Gentle hair pin for girls, BB clip, pretty and convenient hair pins.

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YIYI Hair Pin Manufactuer Introduction

Click on the information below and you can see our production equipment, inspection reports, exhibition photos, color cards, and customized logo methods.

We have some styles of hairpin in stock, but we prefer custom-made hairpin.

The personalized design of the hairpin gives its customers a reminder of its own brand culture and tells people about the changes in the world.

YIYI hair accessories will give you professional advice and design ideas, combined with the experience of producing hairpin. Express to realize your ideas.

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