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1: Provide free design

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3: The MOQ is 100pcs per color

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We also have many styles can be chosen If you want to expand your hair accessories business, we are your best choice.  Feel free to contact us!  

Yiyi Hair Accessories: We have professional hair accessories production equipment and professional experienced workers.

Yiyi Hair accessories: users of acetate environment-friendly materials

Acetate is an environmentally friendly material extracted from plants, can degrade materials, and has a rich color, which is used in many fields.  

We usually use acetate material to produce hair accessories.  As hair accessories products, we have high quality requirements, to give customers the best experience.  Because of the cost of materials and production, our price is relatively high.  Hope to provide high quality hair accessories products to our customers.  Below are the pictures of our production workshop, inspection reports in Europe and America, exhibition pictures, and customized logo.  Hope you know more about us!  

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In the appearance of human beings, women keep long hair for beauty, long hair in many work and life is very inconvenient, usually use rope to tie up the hair, which is also the earliest hair accessories.  With the development of mankind, there are more and more decorative products, but the hair elastics has always existed.  They just changed the material.  Perhaps you have used plastic rubber bands, cow rubber bands and fabrics in various materials. Now we have a lot of options for hair strings, we use acetate and rubber bands.White flowers acetate hair elastics

For acetate materials, we offer a lot of color options, we have color cards to download from our website.  We also accept custom colors, and patchwork acetate.  If you have your own design, you can tell us, we will provide free design, and give you reasonable suggestions.  Different regions and different countries have their own choice of style and color, as long as you tell us what we need.  Acetate can also adjust the thickness, usually our thickness is 2.5mm, can also be customized to 2cm, according to different design requirements can change the thickness, this is the advantage of acetate.

Also we can provide personalized LOGO custom hair elastics , printing, engraving, metal, bronzing, laser. I believe that you have your own brand and want to promote your brand so that your customers can get better customer experience. In the control of the minimum order quantity, we are the best choice for you. Hair elastics are perfect for girls to wear when playing sports, such as going to the gym, playing badminton and other outdoor activities. Simple and easy to use. In the meantime, you can make some personalized designs for your friends as birthday gifts.

Pearl acetate hair elastics

I remember when we were kids we used to use hair elastics made of very simple rubber bands and wool, and we wound the wool around the rubber band. Reduce rubber band friction and protect hair. We get extra money to buy snacks by making Hair Elastics by twisting wool. That was the joy of my childhood. In those days, hairbands were more valuable than they are now, because less developed industries were made more by hand.

With the development of industry, the production of hair rope is faster and faster, more and more kinds. In ordinary life, the hair rope is often ignored but essential existence, the loss of a lot of hair elastics is a lot of girls trouble, so in the hair elastics add a little decoration can be embellished, and can let the hair rope attract attention.

As the elastic band of the hair string is the key to the quality of the whole hair elastic, we usually choose a thicker hair elastic to make it more elastic and last longer.  Paired with classic tortoiseshell and marble-colored acetate, the scrunchies doesn’t look cheap.

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