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Professional Acetate Acrylic Hair Combs Manufacturer in China

Best manufacturer and supplier of acetate combs
Customize combs of various thicknesses between 1.5mm-5mm-8mm
Provide you with personalized designs and special styles.
Provide you with more than 1000+ color choices
The minimum order quantity is 50pcs per color.

YIYI: supplier and manufacturer of wholesale and custom hair combs

It is difficult to find a good comb supplier. The production time was not completed in time. Or the quality of the comb is not good.

These depend on the professionalism and efficiency of the comb manufacturer. At the same time experience is also very important.

Yiyi hair accessories can provide you with professional opinions, personalized custom combs and logos.

Help your brand develop!

The material we provided is acetate. Acetate is an environmentally friendly material and is usually extracted from plants. Such as cotton.
Acetate originally color is white and is mixed by adding different pigments to be made up rich colors.


Usually many customers will ask us how to add the logo on the comb.
There’re three ways to produce comb logo: printing, engraving and bronzing
1: Printing is through silk screen or printer. The advantage of this way logo,comb is flat and smooth, and a lot of combs can be chosen.

Printed logo
2: Engraving:The way to engrave the logo is to engrave the line with a precision engraving machine. The advantage is that there is a three-dimensional effect, and then painted in gold,silver,white,black and others!

Engraving logo
3: Bronzing is through the gold foil sheet. High temperature extrusion by the machine. Press the gold leaf onto the surface of the comb. The advantage is aesthetics, Textured.If you have high quality requirement,this way this best.

Common questions about combs!
1: Can the thickness of the comb be customized?
Yes-The thickness can be customized. The thickness range usually used is 2.5-5mm.

Material thicknessMaterial thickness
2: What is the packing method of the comb?
For packaging, we usually use degradable packaging bags. The packaging bag uses environmentally friendly materials and uses starch as the raw material.

3: How long is the production time of combs?
Under normal circumstances, our production cycle is 7-10 work days. It also depends on the number of combs you order!

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