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Professional Acrylic Acetate Hair Claw Clip Manufacturer in China

1:   Have complete production equipment.

2:Provide 1000+ color options

3:Minimum order quantity: 50pcs

4:Free drawing design

5:Provide professional color and design suggestions

YIYI: Not Just Provide Wholesale Hair Claw Clip

It is difficult to find a good hair claw supplier. The quality of hair claw and the production time all test the manufacturer’s ability.

YIYI hair accessories can reply in time and help you realize your hair claw clip design. Because we have a complete team and mature production process. Complete orders as quick as possible.

Now you just need to click to contact us. You will have an excellent supplier!

Common problems and solutions of hair claws

1:The reason of hair claw’s glue detached

Reason:Because the glue used for different material hair claws is different.The acrylic hair claw has acrylic glue,and acetate have itself solute. If used incorrectly, it is very easy to fall off or the glue on the surface of the material becomes white. Many inexperienced factories make such mistakes. In addition to using the corresponding glue. Temperature control is another very important issue that we need to pay attention to, for example, the amount of glue used in winter can’t not be too much, and the setting time should be long. But in summer,the glue should be more, and the setting time should be short. These requires need a long-term production experience.

Solution: Use the right glue and solute to hair claws

hair claw clip glue

2: The crease of the hair claw

This problem usually occurs on hair claws the inner part,because not to control the temperature during the production of the hair claw. the acetate material is a very temperature-sensitive material, and it will soften when the temperature is too high (usually 80 degrees). If the temperature is too low to fix the shape. The creases will appeared if the production gripper did not control the temperature. Acrylic hair claw will not have this problem.


Solution: Control the temperature during setting.If creases appear, the hair claws must be manually polished and repainted.Repair treatment.

hair claw clip crease

3: The angle is not flat (not in a horizontal plane)
When you put the hair claw on a flat table, the bottom line is not in the horizontal plane(some part are higher,which cannot be neatly horizonta). There are two reasons: 1. The mold is used incorrectly. The wrong hair claw shape mold is used so that the left and right sides are not in a uniform horizontal line. 2: The spring part is not aligned. When the spring is glued, it may appear to be high or low, which can also cause uneven.
Solution: Modify the hair claw mold. Note that the spring clips are neatly pasted

hair claw clip balance

We are a professional manufacturer of personalized customized hair claws. We have a complete set of hair accessories customize production process:

①As our cooperator, you can provide your designs and drawings to us, and we will design a sketch according to your painting and give you feedback. The pattern is determined after our business negotiates with you. Oh, and your designs are of course completely confidential, you don’t have to worry about that;

②And then, you can choose the producing process of your hair accessories. Wether you need add rhinestone, and engraved(normal engrave and lazer engrave) or printed logo on it. And we can have more details about your custom hair claws, you can tell us your idea freely;

③On this STEP, you can choose the acetate/acrylic/plastic as the material, and we can provide 1000+ different paintings of acetate/acrylic cards for you to choose, there is always one you like;

④After all the decisions are made, we will give you a suitable quotation according to the quantity of your order and the difficulty of the process. After the account,we will send the order to our factory, then we can start produce;

⑤Generally speaking, we will produce your product in one go, it will take some time, and then we will show you the finished products in the form of photos or videos. You can also confirm the progress at any time during the production process.

⑥After all above finished, we will express your beautiful hair accessories to you.

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