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Professional Acetate Acrylic Earring Manufacturer in China

YIYI is earring manufacturer and supplier in China

Use environmentally friendly materials for earrings, which will not cause allergies.

Customized earrings using acetate, the weight of the earrings is very light.

Customize earring accessories for your personalized trend.

Provide free design and color matching suggestions.

over 800+ colors you can choose.

YIYI: Wholesale Fashion Earrings Manufacturer and Supplier in China

We usually provide you with a wholesale MOQ of 120 pairs of earrings. Accept special custom earring styles, you can add butterfly, flower design elements and more interesting designs.

Many customers are concerned about allergies. We use nickel-free metals to produce earring accessories. You can use pure silver if you need it.

1: The metal part of earrings usually has three different materials: stainless steel, titanium and silver

Stainless steel earring needles: There are many types of stainless steel earring needles, but we usually use 304 one. The characteristics of stainless steel are corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant. And the market is widely used and can be bought quickly.

Titanium earring needles: Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high hardness, the surface will not change due to the environment, long-term wear can maintain luster and smoothness, but the price is more expensive than stainless steel earrings. If you have higher requirements for the quality of earrings. you can use.

Silver earrings material: The advantage of silver earrings is that they will not cause allergies. Suitable for any skin, but you know that silver is very expensive. Usually we use 925 silver. Which is more popular in Europe and North America will use it.

Of course, you can also customize the metal earring needles, but the MOQ and the cost will be high, usually we don’t recommend it.

These three materials are metal accessories that are often used on earrings. You can choose according to your different requirements for quality.


How to choose earrings

Appropriate selection of earrings can play a role in adjusting facial defects and making you looks better. Acetate has rich color and strong plasticity, which can well meet the needs of different customers.

  1. Choose earrings according to skin color:

White-skinned ladies wear dark-colored earrings, which can better set off the brilliance of the skin color. Therefore, tortoiseshell earrings are very popular in Europe and the United States. They look very high-end and have a texture; dark-skinned ladies, You can try some bright colors Acetate color, matching with the color of the clothing, it will be more suitable; women with yellow skin, the soft texture will be more lovely.


2.The shape of the earrings matches the shape of the face:

Do not choose earrings that are similar to the shape of the face, in case the same shape repels each other, and the shortcomings of the face are exaggerated. Make full use of the earrings to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses.

The round face shape and any long style earrings echo each other, making the face more beautiful, suitable for slightly longer earring styles, earrings with long tassels, numerous pendants, and geometric earrings with exaggerated and extremely irregular shapes. Can play a role in modifying the shape of the face. People with long faces can wear round earrings or large earrings to adjust the facial image and make the face plump and moving; the most suitable for wearing earrings, especially the exaggerated style, larger size earrings and large geometric metal earrings, not suitable Tassel pendant earrings. People with square faces are well-defined, tough, and slightly masculine. Earrings with oval, long hanging or thin head shapes will make the cheeks to the chin have a streamlined beauty, and can divert the eyes of others to below the neck. Pendants should be distinctive and larger in size. Large stud earrings with exaggerated styles and earrings with sharp edges and corners such as square, triangle, pentagonal, etc. should be avoided as much as possible; small and exquisite stud earrings or narrow and long earrings are suitable. Of course, professional women with strong self-confidence should also You can wear exaggerated big earrings to show your unrestrained personality.

2: Ways to wear earrings

1: Pin type: This is the most traditional and common way to wear earrings. The earring needle is directly connected to the acetate part, as picture shown.

acetate earring

2: Hook type: Use the hook method to wear earrings, this method is also very popular,Combine earrings of different acetate colors and shapes, the personalized products are always attractive when hanging in different shapes. Metal and acetate sheets can be freely combined, suitable for customers who like to do DIY.We can use gold-plated, silver-plated, and sterling silver for the metal hooks of earrings.

acetate earring

3: Fixture type earringssuitable for children or women without ear holes.Like any other type of earring, clip earrings can be combined with different shapes of acetate.

acetate earring

4: Customize the metal parts of other earrings:

We accept custom made earrings of metal or acetate in shape, size and color.Just give us the drawings and let us solve it later.

earring earring




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