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As one of the most professional acetate and acrylic hair accessories manufacturers in China. YIYI hair clip has complete equipment for producing raw materials and finished hair accessories. YIYI hair clip products can pass EU and US testing.
Our minimum order quantity is 50pcs. It can reduce the inventory pressure of your physical stores and online stores.
YIYI hair clip supports you to make unique designs. Realize your Idea. Incorporate the style elements of your country.

YIYI: Your expert custom hair clip supplier in China

In order to facilitate staff management and customers’ reading, Yiyi will no longer update the original https://www.yiyiaccessory.com/hair-claws/hair claw page in the future.

All custom claw clips produced after June 1 will be displayed on this page. We will display claw clip designs with a lot of unique and creative craftsmanship details to provide inspiration and ideas to design teams around the world. If you have more questions, please contact us online or write to our staff. We will try our best to answer your questions about custom and wholesale claw clips

YIYI Hair clip Accessories
1: Materials used for you are acetate and acrylic hair clips, which are environmentally friendly materials.
2: Minimum order quantity is 50 hair Clips for each style and color, which reduces the inventory pressure of wholesale hair accessories!
3: Provide over 1000 colors for you to choose. Fully meet your color needs for selling hair Clips hair accessories
4: Hair clip hair accessories production time usually only takes 7-12 days. The time for customizing personalized hair Clips is the same (depending on the number of hair Clips orders)
5: Provide professional and personalized hair Clips solutions. Meet the popular elements of the customer’s area. Including the shape, color, rhinestone, personalized needs of the hair Clips!
6: We also provide some stock hair Clips. If you need are hair Clips urgently. You can contact us now!

Questions about hair clips accessories used in hair clip

1:Acetate and acrylic materials

Acetate is an environmentally friendly material extracted from plants–trees, cotton and others green shrubs. Through processing, plant pulp is made into white particles, then used as raw material for hair clip.Acrylic is called polymethyl methacrylate(PMMA), which is synthetic chemically. It was discovered in 1872 and mass production started in 1937.Pros and cons:Acetate – environmentally friendly, it can be still maintain luster over time, high quality, usually used in high-end hair accessories.It’s the material we are applying to hair clip.Acrylic – low cost, bright color, versatility.The material is more brittle, the production process is easy to break.Many people like it, and it’s also suitable for hair clip.

Acetate aand acrylic materials

2: About hair clip mold.
Acetate was used in hair accessories, hair clip,bracelets, necklaces, etc. The earliest originated in France, romantic French people found that the color of acetic acid is rich and can be combined randomly. Because of the different production processes, plastics hair clip must be produced using molds. Plastic hair clips molds usually cost $800-$1200. Hair clip sample fee is high and the minimum order quantity is large (usually ten thousand of pieces are required for each customization). But acetate hair clips can be customized in less quantity, only $40-60 to achieve the hair clip shape proofing design.
Our minimum order quantity for hairclip is 50 pcs. If you can accept the high price, maybe the MOQ for hair clip can be less.

About hair clip mold

3: Acetate Color Selection
Principle — raw material of acetate is white particles.When we need to change the color, just add natural pigments to get the colors we want.Different colors combinations to get colorful panels.Acrylic can also be made into many colors.
We have over 800 acetate, acrylic colors can be chosen now, and Of course you can customize the color to produce hair clip.

Acetate Color Selection

4: Select the metal part of the hair clip
In addition to the acetic acid part, the hair clip also has the metal part at the bottom. We have many bottom hair clips sizes can be chosen, 3cm, 3.2cm 3.7cm, 4cm 5cm 6cm 8cm. Different hair clip sizes can match different customers.About colors,usually we provide plating gold and silver plating. Other hair clip color options can be customized. If you have special requirements for hair clips ,you can also tell us.

Select the metal part of the hair clip

5: The choice of rhinestones for hair clip
Rhinestone is also a commonly used material in hair clip.It can make the hair clip design more shiny and luxurious.
According to the price of rhinestone, we have three choices:
1 :Chinese rhinestone,
2: Czech rhinestone
3: Swarovski rhinestone
The biggest difference between the three different rhinestones is their brightness. Chinese rhinestone is the cheapest but not bright enough. Czech rhinestone is medium bright. Swarovski is the best bright but very expensive. You can use different rhinestones according to personalised hair clip.
Rhinestones come in different sizes. Diameter: 1mm 2mm 4mm.
Usually 2mm is the most suitable for producing hair clip.

The choice of rhinestones for hair clip

6: Different effects of cutting
Cutting is the first step,there are two different cut methods ,different ways have different effect.
1: Right angle cutting
2: Fillet cutting
Right-angle cutting is like its name. The cutting angle is a right angle, just like a straight character. Some people like it and some don’t.
Fillet cutting is cutting with a bevel knife. Cut the edge of the hair clip at an angle. Usually we use 30 degrees. In this way, the edge of the hair clip looks more rounded, which is liked by more customers.

Different effects of cutting

7: Polishing-surface treatment process
After the cutting is completed, the prototype of the hair clip is obtained. Put the cut prototype of the hair clip into the drum for 5-8 hours of barrel grinding to make the surface of the board smooth. We can also screen out bad boards for the first quality inspection.

Polishing-surface treatment process

8: Surface painting process
We got a clean hair clip acetate part. Then stick it on the blue plastic film and paint the surface of the hair clip. (The paint is environmentally friendly). And must be painted on both sides of the hairpin material to ensure quality.

Surface painting process

9: Stick metal clips
Choose the metal hair clip you want ,then stick it to the bottom of the acetate part. The glue is also environmentally friendly. Then need to wait at least 12 hours for glue on the hair clip will be firm.

Stick metal clips

10: Quality inspection and packaging
Finally, the quality and packaging of hair clip. It is usually packed in OPP bags. We also accept customized hair clip packaging, such as paper cards. Print OPP bags. But there will be additional costs.



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