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Most people use plastic buttons, they don't know that acetate can be custom-made buttons, and more beautiful.

You are a wholesaler who always likes low MOQ and we can solve your problem.  Personalized custom buttons, and very low wholesale quantities.  Your button supplier.  

Make your own buttons!

Buttons come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Used for different outfits.

 Men’s suits, jackets, shirts, and women’s are even more. We usually use acetic acid as the raw material for buttons, because acetic acid is an environmentally friendly material, has better air permeability, and the color is very bright. The most important thing is that it can be customized and the quantity is not too large. We can produce 100 pieces. The thickness is 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. We can produce as long as you need the size. There are more colors, wear hat colors, rainbow colors, khaki colors, you can go to download our color card. There must be a color that suits your design and style.

You can also add rhinestone or natural stone to your button design. Just tell us what you think, we can realize it for you.

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Acetate Button

Button introduction:

Buttons. In ancient Rome, buttons were originally used for ornaments, and pins were used to tie clothes.  In the 13th century, buttons did what they do today.  At that time, people knew how to make buttonholes in clothes, which greatly increased the practical value of buttons.  In the 16th century, buttons gained popularity.  With the rise of fast fashion, buttons have become creative from functional;  Began to become clothing decoration, etc.

Button materials are roughly divided into plastic (resin, plastic), metal buttons (copper, iron, alloy), natural (shell, wood, coconut shell, bamboo.  And what we produce is acetate, which is very similar to resin.

Acetate buttons and plastic buttons:

Plastic buttons are generally made of die-casting, so there will be a line on the side of the button. This mold line, some factories may remove this line in the subsequent processing, because the mold is needed, its moQ is very high and usually requires tens of thousands of a style.  Acetate button is mechanically carved, and then polished, so the surface does not have a full mold line, very smooth, its moQ only needs one hundred.

Beige tortoiseshell windcoat button waist buckle

Acetate button uses:

Acetate buttons, rather than plastic ones, are often used in high-end bespoke or branded clothing because the raw material is more precious. Special design, good quality, low MOQ and design cost.  Perfect with woolens, windbreakers and fashion pieces.

Acetate button process:

  1. Ordinary plate plane cutting.

This is a conventional production method, according to the needs of clothing to choose different thickness of acetate plate for cutting, usually thickness of 2.5mm or 5mm.  For small size, we recommend 2.5mm thick buttons, which will be more exquisite.

For some large size clothes buckle need to use 5mm thick plate.  Select a good plate, draw a design drawing, normal 3-5 days can be out of the sample or bulk goods.


2.3D three-dimensional sculpture

This approach is obviously more complex than a straight plane cut.  First of all, it needs 5mm thick or even thicker plate, with a special 3D cutting machine for carving.  It’s better, it’s more lifelike.  But the cost has almost doubled.

Either way we can add your logo.

If you are a brand designer, or want to make a private store of high-end clothing, acetate buttons are very suitable for you. Small MOQ, low design cost, and high-end quality are the biggest selling points of acetate hair accessories.

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