Cellulose Acetate Hair Claw Design Process

When you have a good idea in your head and want to turn it into a product,then we could be your professional hair accessories production supplier.

As a professional manufacturer of cellulose acetate, we promote our products and we also promote the new materials and designs to let more people know how much fun the production process is.

When turning custom hair accessories ideas into reality, you personalize and use them, What an interesting process! Let me introduce how to realize it.

Step 1: According to your drawings designs, we will draw reasonable and suitable design drawings for production through computer design software. Normally,it takes years of experience working with hair clips to find out what doesn’t make sense and fix it.

hairclaw design

Step 2: Choose the color of cellulose acetate board you need, we cut. We can provide more than 1000 plus acetate colors, contact us can get acetate color cards.

Input the design drawing to CNC engraving machine for precise cutting, and we can carve your logo. According to different customer’s requirements, we will use different sizes of knives, such as round head knife, straight head knife. According to the thickness,it is 0.6mm,0.5mm, 0.3mm.

This process requires professional workers with more than 2 or 3 years of experience in hair accessories to control the production.

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/r1UZthyilig?feature=share

Engraving logos and shapes Engraving logos and shapes CNC engraving machine


Step 3: When we get the cut acetate hair claw pieces or acrylic hair claw pieces, our next job is to shape. Putting the acetate acrylic pieces into the mold of hair clips, and then through the pressure machine, extrusion finalize the mold. This process typically takes about 10 seconds. According to the hardness of different materials, time will be slightly different, acetate materials generally 10 seconds finalize, acrylic needs 15 seconds. Only enough time can guarantee the standard shape.

You can check out our videos :https://youtube.com/shorts/4UaZBRmx9vo?feature=share

stereotype hair claw stereotype hairclaw Engraving logos and shapes mold hairclaw machine

Step 4: Glue the spring buckle. Spring buckle has 3 kinds of materials: acetate, plastic, ABS. According to different material combination requirements,it must use different spring buckle. Acetate material needs acetate spring buckle and professional acetate special glue. Acetate is usually fused using acetone, whereas acrylics must be fused using methylene chloride. If used incorrectly, the spring buckle will fall off or even break. In addition, their costs are different. Many hair clips manufacturers will consider cost and use cheap spring buckle, which can lead to poor quality hair clips or a poor customer experience.

We have made a video link :https://youtube.com/shorts/toJ0AAUCw7g?feature=share

Bonded spring buckle Bonded spring buckle Bonded spring buckle hair claw


In addition, the position of the spring also needs to be accurate, otherwise the hair claw will easily twist.

Producing hair claws is a simple process, but care must be taken!

Step 5: Spray eco-friendly paint. After we clean the surface of the hair clips, we need to spray paint the hair clips. Spray paint can not only make the surface of the hair clips brighter, but also create a smooth paint protection to protect the hair clips, which is easier to clean, the hair claw’s texture will be better.

We use environmentally friendly paint that has passed environmental testing. Typically, eight coats of paint are sprayed. This process takes at least two minutes.

The process of painting usually uses gloss finishing. If you prefer matte finishing, we can also provide it.

You can check out our videos :https:// youtube.com/shorts/l-IIZqsk0VQ

spray paint spray paint spray paint machine


Step 6. Assemble the spring

You may not know how to attach a hair claw’s spring. we have video you can see 


Using a chopstick-like tool, we use leverage to bend the spring, insert the spring buckle, and insert the spring pin. Typically, a skilled worker can install 800 to 1000 hair Claws a day.

The spring is made of spring steel, which has good elasticity. Through environmental protection plating, color protection, under normal conditions to ensure that the color is not faded for 8 to 10 months. We usually provide spring in gold or silver.

Many hair claw suppliers use cheap springs, which usually appear black rust after 3 to 4 months of using.

Install the hair claw spring Install the hair claw spring


Step 7: Customize the color of your personalized hair clip’s logo

The new design has painted white angel wings. We use artificial coloring to ensure uniform lines and correct colors. This process is also a test for workers, if not skilled workers, it will take a lot of time, and will make the logo of the hair clip is not perfect. The paint will set about 3 minutes after the color is applied, and then the worker will use a thinner (alcohol) to wipe off the excess paint. It’s a very fun process, you can design patterns and colors you like, and we have a wide selection of custom hair clips. Such personalized design is very popular with customers. Do you have any good ideas?

Check out our link to the claw clip production video :https://youtube.com/shorts/x1YTnhn_Q5Q?feature=share    

TIKTOK VIDEO:  https://www.tiktok.com/@clawclipfactory/video/7161706539080781062?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7132013390092322347

painted line logo painted line logo




Step 8: spot drill

There are many kinds of diamonds, commonly used Swarovski diamond, Czech diamond, domestic glass diamond, etc. Prices vary widely. Swarovski diamonds are the most expensive. Glass diamonds are much cheaper, and the price difference can reach five to ten times. We usually use Czech and domestic glass diamonds.

spot drill, we use ultrasonic point drilling machine, through the workers into the carved hole one by one, instead of using glue, because the texture of glue is very poor, the diamond is easy to fall off.

This process requires a lot of time cost, especially labor cost. So if your design with a lot of diamonds, the grip will be expensive.

The size of the diamond is usually used 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 5mm, etc., and various shaped diamonds. If you need to personalize it, you can contact us. We will send you a diamond color card suitable for the hair clips.

You can check out our video:https://youtube.com/shorts/XBDiil9S9QA?feature=share

embedded rhinestone embedded rhinestone



Go through the process of producing hairclaw. This completes our design.

As a professional acetate acrylic manufacturer from China,we hope to cooperate with more customers.

We provide professional design advice and complete production process to produce personalized hair accessories products that more consumers like and make valuable and interesting products.

complete design hairclaw

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