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There is nothing will be better for us if you have your own personalized design bracelet.      We will  help your brand grow strong and establish a good cooperative relationship with you.

Yiyi Hair Accessories: We have professional hair accessories production equipment and professional experienced workers.

If you have personalized designs and ideas, we will be very welcome to turn your ideas into hair accessories. You can add rhinestones, customize your name, and make hair accessories packaging. And the minimum order quantity of the product is 50pcs per color.

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The development of the bracelet
The meaning and development history of the bracelet Bracelets, also known as “Kushi”, “bracelet”, “arm ring”, etc., are ring-shaped ornaments worn on the wrist. In addition to gold, silver, and jade, its materials are also made of plant vines. Bracelets have a long history, originating in the transitional period from matrilineal society to patrilineal society. According to relevant records, in ancient times, both men and women wore bracelets, women as a symbol of marriage, and men as a symbol of identity or the nature of work. In addition, in ancient societies, people also believed that wearing bracelets can protect you from evil or get good luck.

In the late period of the Old Age, the fact that humans wear ornaments has been confirmed by many unearthed objects at home and abroad. Among the naked Venus sculptures unearthed in Willendorf, the small wrists that are out of proportion to their plump breasts and hips are engraved with ornaments such as bracelets. In the bone sculptures unearthed in Istulitz, there are also ornaments similar to bracelets. Among the real objects unearthed in Maizin, Ukraine, there are beautiful bracelets with decorative patterns carved from mammoth ivory. The real objects unearthed in Grimaldi on the Riviera coast include bracelets made of fish vertebrae, shells, oyster shells, and animal teeth. The bracelets of the Neolithic Age have a certain decorativeness, not only the surface is polished and smooth, but some simple patterns are also engraved on the surface of the bracelet. Archaeologists have discovered pottery rings, stone bracelets and other bracelets used to decorate wrists of ancient ancestors at the Banpo site about six thousand years ago and the Neolithic site in Xixiahou, Qufu, Shandong. Judging from the actual bracelets unearthed,There are animal bones, teeth, as well as stones, pottery, etc. The shape of the bracelet is tubular, circular, or two semi-circular rings joined together.

Although the bracelet is considered as a decoration of the arm, it is the first kind of vague consciousness of beauty that people sprouted. However, many scientists believe that the initial appearance of the bracelet was not entirely due to the love of beauty, but was related to totem worship and witchcraft. Etiquette related. At the same time, some historians believe that due to the absolute dominance of men in economic life, there is a metaphor for rings, bracelets and other ornaments to tie women and prevent them from escaping. This kind of metaphor has always existed for a long time.
As a new material, the acetate bracelet has light weight and many colors, and the shape and size can be easily changed. Very much used in some fashion shows.

Introduction to the size of the acetate bracelet:
You can modify the width and height of the acetate bracelet, and add your own logo.
Of course you can combine other materials, alloy accessories, or other materials.

Customized bracelet thickness

Color selection of acetate bracelet:
We can provide 800+ acetic acid color choices, you can choose the acetic acid color according to your own style, or we can give you your opinion.

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