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Professional Acrylic Acetate Barrettes Manufacturer in China

YIYI hair accessories is a professional wholesale barrettes factory. Can provide you with over 800+ color options. And can provide a lot of barrettes style options. At the same time provide personalized customization options. You provide barrett’s sketch, we can help you realize from barrettes’ drawing to the product you want.

The minimum order quantity is 50 pcs per color.

YIYI: Your supplier of wholesale barrettes

We have complete equipment for producing barrettes and many years of production experience.

Barrettes products can pass product quality inspections in the United States and the European Union.

If you need are color chartes, you can contact us!

Barrette clips in hair accessories are also very popular, usually girls are clipped on the back or sides. There are many sizes of barrette bottom clips can be chosen.

1: The material and style of the metal bottom clip

Material: The barrette metal bottom clips usually has three materials: iron, steel, and copper. Iron is the most commonly used material because it is cheap. If you have high quality requirements, you can use steel or copper, but there are not many styles to choose from.  If the order quantity is small, the cost will be high.

Color: The color of the barrette metal bottom clips is usually gold or silver.

If you need other colors(Matte black, black gun color, rose gold and etc.), we can provide personalized custom colors.

For electroplating gold and silver, we will do surface wear-resistant treatment. Normally, it can keep the color for 6 months, and the color will fade after 6 months. 18K, 24K real gold can remain unchanged for 1 year. It maybe will fade after a year.

Hair Barrette Metal Material

2: Rhinestone (Diamond)color selection
The acetate/acrylic barrette clip are welcomed by many customers ,because acetic acid and acrylic itself color are beautiful. If you think such barrette clip is too simple and you want to add some rhinestones, then we can provide personalized color selection and customization.
• Rhinestone is also divided into high and regular quality. We usually use ordinary rhinestone produced in China, and there are also Czech rhinestones which is brighter and looks better in color. Another option — Swarovski. Swarovski’s rhinestone has more colors and more cut surfaces, It suits higher-end brands because of high price.

The choice of rhinestones for hair clip

3: Customization logo of barrette clip
Many customers have their own brands and hope to display them on the barrette clip. We have fours ways to put the logo: printing, engraving, bronzing, and laser.
Printing is to use a mobile printer to print, and engraving is to use computer-controlled precision engraving, bronzing is to use high temperature to hot gold or other colors of tin foil on the surface, and laser is to print on the surface of the bar-shaped hair clips by laser.
The four methods have advantages, printing and engraving are more convenient and fast, and the cost is low. The engraving can choose to paint different colors. Hot stamping ( bronzing) requires a high number of orders and a high price. Laser is fast, but the disadvantage is that the clarity is not high and the requirements for materials are high.
If you need to customize the logo, we can give you good suggestions.

logo custom


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