Application Range of Acetate/Acrylic

The application range of acetate is very wide: fabrics, eyeglass frames, sunglasses, handles, trays, hair accessories, hair clips, biomedicine, high-end handicrafts, etc., many fields.

1; Glasses frames, sunglasses frames are often seen in daily life. In addition to acetate, plastic, metal, stainless steel, wood, mixed materials are often used.

The characteristics of plastic eyeglass frames are non-allergic and light weight, but they are not environmentally friendly products. Plastic is a serious pollution to the earth and takes hundreds of years to degrade. So plastic glasses frames will be eliminated.

Metal eyeglass frames are characterized by sturdiness, many styles, and light weight. Most of them are made of alloys and then electroplated on the surface. Change the surface color by eco-friendly electroplating, gold, silver, black. is a very widely used material.

The characteristics of wooden glasses frames are natural materials, there are many choices of colors, and some use bamboo as the material, but the disadvantages are also very obvious, easy to break, and the use time is short.

Acetate frames are characterized by natural materials, light weight, stretchy, non-irritating to the skin, non-fading, and available in many colors. Therefore, most people in the market now prefer eyeglass frames made of acetate sheets.

Acetate colloidal particles and pigments are formed by pressing or extruding a plate. The overall thickness range is 0.5-20mm, and the main thickness range is 1-10mm.     Acetate sheet can be divided into pressing sheet and extruding sheet according to the production process. Among them, the pressing plate mainly refers to the plate made by adding pre-colored and pre-shaped particles into the mold and forming it by hot pressing; the extrusion plate mainly refers to the plate made by the processes of color mixing, mixing, granulation, extrusion, etc. . At present, the pressing plate is divided into floral material and board material according to color and pattern; the extrusion plate is divided into monochrome, cable, laminate and gradient according to different colors and patterns.

glasses frames Acetic acid plate backlog process

Acetate sheet extrusion process

2: Fabric

Acetate fabric is a man-made fiber, which is characterized by breathability, resilience, no static electricity, no pilling, and can replace silk.

Acetate fabrics are very bright and bright, close to silk. Most of the fabrics that use acetate are high-end clothing. Such as dresses, Chinese cheongsam, wedding dresses, etc.

acetate fabric

3: Daily necessities (handles, trays, spoons)

Acetate sheet can change a lot of shapes, usually we only need a simple mold, the cost of the mold is usually between 50-150 US dollars, according to different materials and different requirements, the cost of abrasives is different.

The materials of abrasive tools are: polyester, resin, stainless steel. According to the hardness of different materials, the cost of abrasive tools is different.

Acetate production mold

With the mold, it is much easier to make daily necessities. For example, if you ask to make an acetate spoon, then we only need to cut the shape of the spoon, then polish, surface treatment, and then shape it with an abrasive tool to get an acetic acid Salt spoon.

However, the characteristics of acetate are that it is not resistant to high temperature, so the acetate spoon can only be used as an ice cream spoon or some low temperature environments.

acetate spoon

Acetate Handles: We have customers requesting us to customize acetate handles. Using 5mm thick material, the handle head is connected with a special shape. We customized the thickness of 5mm, and then made a special handle by customizing the special mold. This customer’s order is 2000 pieces. We are very good to meet the needs of customers.

Acetate handle

Acetate toothbrush: There was a brand customer who gave a design drawing of a toothbrush. This client wants to customize the acetate toothbrush and engrave the brand logo. Because the radian of the toothbrush is not large and the thickness requirement is not high, it is relatively simple.

The problem with acetate toothbrushes is the bristles, and implanting the bristles requires accurate knowledge of the hole size, density, and size. This is the more accurate product. Usually our design is also finished.

acetate toothbrush

Acetate box: We have made many jewelry boxes made of acetate material, according to different functions and shapes. We design in different sizes, colors, functions.

The piano case is designed by ourselves, using red and black double-layer acetate sheet, white as the keyboard of the piano, and red as the surface. There are also four support feet. It is a mini version of the piano.

Let us know if you have any ideas. It’s not difficult for us.

acetate piano case

5: Hair accessories products:

Acetate plates are also often used in hair accessories, making hair clips, hair bands, grab clips, earrings, rings and many products.

There are many materials for making hair accessories, such as plastic, metal, fabric, natural stone, acrylic, etc.

Plastics are characterized by light weight, strong sense of design and low price, but people’s meaning for environmental protection has increased, and many people want to use environmentally friendly and degradable materials.

Metal features are strong and can be used for a long time. But it lacks a lot of colors. If you want to customize it, you need a very expensive mold cost, usually 1000USD.

Fabric is also often used in hair accessories. It has many colors and light weight. It can also be combined with plastic and iron to design hair accessories.

Acetate plate is a popular hair accessories material in recent years. It is characterized by multiple choices of colors, environmentally friendly materials, low MOQ, and easy to design. Many brands are using this material. Alexandria in France is the largest brand of acetate hair accessories, and many GUCCI and CHANEL use acetate plates.

acetate hair clawacetate barrette


Acetate materials can also be used in many other fields such as medical treatment and biomedicine.

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