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Accept customization, size, shape. More than 800+ colors are available.     Minimum order quantity 50PCS per color.
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The professional custom acetate necklace manufacturer in China

There is nothing will be better for us if you have your own personalized design.     

We will  help your brand grow strong and establish a good cooperative relationship with you.

Yiyi Hair Accessories: We have professional hair accessories production equipment and professional experienced workers.

If you have personalized designs and ideas, we will be very welcome to turn your ideas into hair accessories. You can add rhinestones, customize your name, and make hair accessories packaging. And the minimum order quantity of the product is 50pcs per color.

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Introduction of necklace

Necklaces, as popular as earrings, bracelets, and rings, are the first jewelry to appear. In addition to the decorative function of necklaces, some necklaces also have special display functions, such as Catholic cross chains and Buddhist rosary beads. From ancient times to the present, in order to beautify the human body itself and the environment, people have produced various styles, different characteristics and different styles of necklaces to meet the aesthetic needs of people of different skin colors, different nationalities and different aesthetics.

Common necklace materials in the market are gold, silver, jewelry, plastic, etc. (including resin acetate acrylic). Here, we mainly introduce acetate and acrylic necklaces. These two materials are more used in fashion, and most of the shapes are exaggerated, in order to match the fashion, emphasizing novelty, strangeness and beauty.

You can often see a lot of accessories in fashion shows, including some very exaggerated tortoiseshell necklaces that are made of acetate. Some of our clients have done something similar. If you have your own clothing store and want to wholesale low MOQ acetate necklaces to match your clothing, we are your best choice.


The picture is the acetate necklace worn by the model during Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020!

The models wore acetate necklaces, which were very personal and showed fashion with different colors.

We can provide more than 800+ colors for you to choose and accept customization in various sizes. Please contact us.

The craft of acetate necklace

  1. Regular circular necklaces

This is our most common common acetate necklace, according to customer needs, cut out the shape and size of each ring. Note that because the acetate product is made by cutting and shaping, it is not possible to make a mold directly like plastic and resin to directly inject the entire necklace. Therefore, each acetate necklace needs to be manually shaped and connected. In addition to the cost of the acetate sheet itself, the overall price will be relatively high. It is more suitable for fashion or fine jewelry because of its small MOQ.

In order to adjust the acetate necklace length, we will adopt a closed ring and an open ring staggered connection, so that the length can be adjusted by adding or subtracting the number of rings.  You can also purchase several colors of the ring yourself according to your needs DIY.

In addition to necklaces, this kind of chain is also widely used in the chain of glasses and bags. Under the influence of COVID-19, the chain of masks was very popular in the last two years. Besides being convenient to carry masks, it also plays a very good decorative role.

  1. Chain with other materials

Only acetate will be a bit dull, so pair it with an alloy, a gold alloy and a classic tortoiseshell

It will make the necklace more sophisticated.  You can also use a small amount of acetate to make pendants and chains to keep costs down.

We can also provide accessories for acetate acrylic necklaces individually, in thousands of acetate colours to choose from.

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