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Accept customization, size, shape. More than 800+ colors are available.     Minimum order quantity 50PCS per color.
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We have been engaged in acetate hair accessories for more than ten years and have very rich experience to provide you with high quality products

Yiyi Hair Accessories: We have professional hair accessories production equipment and professional experienced workers.

If you have personalized designs and ideas, we will be very welcome to turn your ideas into hair accessories. You can add rhinestones, customize your name, and make hair accessories packaging. And the minimum order quantity of the product is 50pcs per color.

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Acetate headband

As acetate materials become more and more popular, acetate headbands have also attracted more and more attention. Especially since last year, the group of customers who have been buying headbands is getting bigger and bigger.

Comparison of plastic and acetate headbands:

First of all, in terms of materials: compared with acetate, plastic materials are lighter, more fragile, and easy to break, because the acetate material itself is extracted from plants. In addition to environmental protection, the toughness is very good, and it can be large under normal circumstances. Amplitude bending. Secondly, in terms of color, in addition to the common monochrome, there are thousands of acetate color palette choices. To achieve the same color in the same style, the plastic needs to pay an expensive mold opening fee. The last is the design cost. The convenience of the existing plates allows the minimum order quantity of the headband to be only 50 pieces per color, which greatly reduces the design cost. You can make more styles in less quantity, which is very suitable for small wholesalers or individual sellers.

Styles of Acetate Headbands:

  1. Simple style


The two styles as shown in the picture are very basic. They only need to be shaped by cutting width and length according to customer requirements, plus small teeth for fixing and packaging.  So the production time is very fast, only 4-7 days to place an order to ship.  This classic is very popular and the main selling point is the beautiful variety of acetate colors.

  1. Unique design


If you want to make your headband special but don’t want to add too much money, you can try openwork patterns or simple color stitching.

Of course, you can also add a variety of accessories like hair claws – rhinestones, pearls, etc., to make the hairband more luxurious. Dozens of small flowers and drills are added to the following two headbands, which test the skills of the workers. (You can rest assured that the flowers will never fall off easily, because we use a professional acetate solvent)


Properties of acetate headbands:

As a practitioner of hair accessories for many years, I know very well the biggest functional problem of hair clips. How can I keep the headband stable on my hair and not slip off during use?

For this problem, we generally use two methods:

A.Use transparent and invisible small teeth to stick inside the headband: Because acetatecannot directly add small teeth to the mold like plastic. We’ll add teeth to the ends and top of the headband later so that it can hold the hair firmly.


B.Use steel wire and long small teeth

The way of adding steel wire is to prevent the deformation of the headband over time, and the long teeth are very good for modifying the steel wire and strengthening the fixing effect.


Each of these two methods has its own shortcomings. The first one can be bent arbitrarily without damage, but the shape of the headband needs to be adjusted after a long time. The second one is limited by the angle of the steel wire, but the original shape of the headband can be maintained for a long time. .

The acetate hair band can be used for a long time, and it will not be damaged after normal use for several years or even more than ten years, because of the characteristics of acetate, it will still maintain its freshness. It is a piece worthy of every girl’s collection.

Send us your design ideas, add your brand’s logo, and let it accompany your clients forever like a headband. Classics are timeless.

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