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There is nothing will be better for us if you have your own personalized design bracelet.      We will  help your brand grow strong and establish a good cooperative relationship with you.

Yiyi Hair Accessories: We have professional hair accessories production equipment and professional experienced workers.

If you have personalized designs and ideas, we will be very welcome to turn your ideas into hair accessories. You can add rhinestones, customize your name, and make hair accessories packaging. And the minimum order quantity of the product is 50pcs per color.

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Hair sticker is a type of jewelry used to hold hair,which is a straight and long piece of jewelry, usually between 5-9inch in length, used to tie a person’s hair into a bun or similar favor. Crafted from materials such as wood, alloys, plastics, and jewelry, they can be embellished with many different qualities, making them a common style, material, and craftsmanship for jewelry. There is a big difference in price.

Hair sticker have been used for thousands of years and are found in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Greek cultures. In ancient China,hair stickers were also very popular hair accessories. Men and women would wear hair stickers when they were adults.

Hair sticker   Hair sticker 2

In addition to hair stickers, there are also ornaments called hair stickers.  Both hair stickers used for hair insertion, but the structure of the hair stickers is different. The hair stickers are usually made into one strand, while the hair stickers are made into two strands.  There are also some differences in usage.  Even today,hair stickers still have a place in women’s toiletries.For example, hair clips evolved from hair stickers.

Acetate hair stickers:


Because of its bright color, acetate sheet is also often used to make hair stickers. Generally, the hair sticker will be made of 5mm-1cm thick plate. And we all know that the general thickness of acetate sheet is only 2.5mm. If customers with small quantity requirements, we can get 5mm thick plate through pressing with two 2.5mm plates, which can reduce the number of customized plates (MOQ). But for hair stickers, we do not recommend and even some styles cannot use thick plates made by pressing plates. We can only use existing plates, or customize large quantities of plates.


As shown in the picture, we used an ordinary 2.5mm board, which is relatively soft and cannot be used to fix the hair directly through it.

More of a decorative effect.This small MOQ style is more suitable for small wholesalers.

If you want to fix the hair directly with the hair sticker, we have to use a plate of more than 5mm. This will allow you to get enough firmness to hold more hair in place.

Hair sticker4


Acetate hair stickers range in style from chopstick-like to forked.  They also have many different shapes and patterns.

Hair sticker5Hair sticker6

The shape of the hair sticker has many personalized designs, which can be engraved and painted, or hollowed out to change the shape. Can be made into butterflies, flowers. Rhinestones can also be placed. In this picture you can see that we sculpted the flower in 3D and placed the rhinestone. This style is very popular among Japanese customers.

Hair sticker7

Because acetate can change thickness and color at will, we designed the 3D style. We can sculpt in 3D. Sculpt the acetate into a three-dimensional pattern. Just like the picture below, we will carve into spheres, cubes, and cones. With the metal hair sticker, make a very personalized hair sticker.

Hair sticker8

We are very professional manufacturer of acetate products, you can provide your design ideas. We work together to realize personalized products. Our MOQ is generally only 50 per color per model, suitable for small wholesalers, or brand owners, if you are interested in,please contact us.





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