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Yiyi Hair Accessories:If you want to customize personalized products with acetate, Yiyi can provide you with a good solution for acetate products.

 Yiyi supplier is specialized in the production of acetate products. We have enough experience to produce acetate boxes, acetate spoons, acetate lids, and acetate handles. Many different thicknesses acetate sheets can be customized, please contact us!

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Yiyi Hair Accessories: When you have unique acetate product ideas and creativity. But there are no good suppliers and manufacturers to help you produce samples of acetate and mass produce them. Then Yiyi is your best choice.

Yiyi Hair Accessories not only produces acetate hair accessories, but also produces various customized acetate products. Yiyi hair accessories have rich experience in the production of acetate products. From the beginning, the color customization of acetate products, the customization of acetate thickness, and the customization of personalized products of acetate. Yiyi hair accessories can help you achieve your production needs. If you provide ideas, we can design drawings for free, help you choose the right color, and give you reasonable production suggestions.

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acetate is a natural cell membrane material. The main body of acetate is the extraction of plant pulp. Because the acetate board is natural, non-toxic and very environmentally friendly

The initial raw material acetate is transparent, and the color can be adjusted at will after adding the dye. This is the advantage of acetate, so Yiyi hair accessories provide more than 800 color options, and custom colors can also be accepted.

1: acetate in granular state, add dye, enter the mixing machine for uniform dyeing. If it is red, put in red dye. To ensure color consistency. Then the dye will be put in proportions to ensure that the color of each batch is correct. Need to register the number and save it.

2: When we prepare acetate particles of various colors, then mix and match, and conduct color testing according to your color requirements. Put in different proportions of colors to adjust. Usually this process is critical. It takes a lot of time, sometimes it takes 3 times or even more tests to get accurate colors.

3: High temperature heating is required after dyeing. We put the dyed acetate granules into a high-temperature extrusion machine. The acetate extrusion machine has fixed size abrasives. This abrasive tool requires a high cost, usually an abrasive tool costs 5000-9000 US dollars. The price varies greatly according to the pattern of the mold.

4: The acetate pellets are extruded through the die, and we get a thickness of 10cm and a length of 50cm. Acetate sheet with a width of 20 cm. There is also a larger size 140cm*70cm. The difference in size is changed according to the requirements of the produced product. If you produce a large product, then you need a large acetate mold. The difference is that the cost of large molds will be higher.

5: Now we have got a standard size acetate sheet, and then we cut according to your needs. Usually we cut into the size of 2.5mm thickness, 20cm length and 50cm width when we make hair accessories. We use to produce hair clips, hair bands, and other acetate hair accessories.

In this process, if the thickness you need is 3mm, 4mm or 5mm. Just cut the appropriate thickness.

6: After getting the acetate sheet of suitable size, the next step is to cut. Usually we use CNC precision carving cutting machine, input our design drawing into the computer, and cut the acetate sheet through the 0.6mm thick alloy cutter head. A lot of powder will appear when cutting. We will also collect these powders for secondary use. Suppose you need an acetate cap with a diameter of 5cm, then we will make a cut according to the drawing.

7: After the cutting is completed, we have got a preliminary shape of the acetate product. But this is still a preliminary sample. And then we will do surface treatment,add rolling stones to the drum and perform the first step of surface polishing with the preliminary samples. Usually this time is 12 hours.

After 12 hours later, we got the first processed product of an acetate product. Then put it into the second roller for the second surface polishing. The second polishing is fine polishing. The time is also 12 hours. When you get the acetate product again, the surface of the acetate product will be very smooth.

8: We got the custom-made acetate product that has been polished twice. The next step is to finalize this customized product. Before that, we should prepare an abrasive tool according to the drawing. — acetate shaped mold usually made of resin. Get an abrasive tool through 3D engraving. Put the abrasive tool into the air pressure setting machine. Now we are going to heat the customized acetate product. We will put the customized acetate product into a temperature box, and the temperature will be 80 degrees. At this time, the acetate will soften and change the shape more easily. Now we put the warmed acetate customized product into the mold. Extruder through acetate die. A customized acetate product with a certain shape was obtained.

9: We got the customized product of acetate, and now we are going to carry out the second surface treatment. We need to paint the surface of the product. We will fix the product to a mold. Then the surface is painted manually. While spraying the paint, check that the paint is completely covered. If the paint does not completely cover the acetate surface. Then you need to paint a second time. The acetate spray painter needs to be very experienced. If it is an inexperienced worker, there will be a lot of defective products. Therefore, the surface painting of acetate customized products is a very important process. The surface was very sticky when it was first painted, so we put it in the heating aisle. Harden the paint surface of the acetate product.

10: By spraying acetate, we have obtained a product that is close to 80% successful, so this process is to add other accessories to the acetate product. When we make acetate hair accessories, we install metal parts, such as springs and metal clips. If it is your custom acetate product, then install other accessories. This process is assembly.

11: When we assemble the customized acetate product, the final step is quality inspection and packaging.

This is a simple production process. If the customized acetate product is complicated, the process will be more.

Yiyi hair accessories like to make customized products, and also very good at making customized personalized products of acetate. Hope there will be more partners. Looking forward to your information!


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