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Yiyi Hair Accessories Company, established in 2014, is one of the best hair accessories suppliers in China. We have a mature supply chain,production process, and strict quality management.

At the beginning of our establishment, we produced hair accessories for a small number of customers. Over time, we have slowly accumulated a lot of experience in producing hair accessories, and have solved many customers’ special requirements for hair accessories. But as the world changes, we realize that we need a bigger stage, which is why we try the website ourselves.

The materials we use for hair accessories are acetate and acrylic, and the materials are from cotton and plants. They are very environmentally friendly materials, which are different from plastic and iron. Therefore, the price is quite different from cheap hair accessories. Maybe you think our hair accessories are very expensive, but based on quality control costs and material costs, our hair accessories prices are very reasonable. We firmly believe that quality is our long-term survival Basically, if your customers get bad quality hair accessories, they will definitely not buy it a second time, and it will damage your brand development. We are deeply aware of the importance of customer experience.

Hair accessories have a lot of creativity. In our 7 years of production experience, we have met many customer requirements. Acetic acid is a very moldable material. We can not only produce hair accessories from this material, but also produce boxes, bottles, mobile phone cases, toothbrushes, rulers, handles, and products for daily use. Based on the abundance of acetic acid colors, there are also many choices for the colors of hair accessories, giving play to independent creativity.

Yiyi Hair Accessories will also frequently update our color cards, which you can download and use. Every quarter we will design new hair accessories styles, combining popular elements, or design unique hair accessories products for you.

If you own an online store, beauty store, clothing store, boutique or other type of store. We welcome you to become our distributor or retailer.

  • Manual production workshop
  • Sheet production workshop
  • Raw material production workshop
  • Mold style
  • Production workshop products
  • Put the stone by hand

Hair Accessories Production Process

YIYI hair accessories have standardized hair accessories production process and quality control, specific post responsibility system, from material preparation, mold matching, and production process. To ensure that the orders of hair accessories are completed on time.

Hair Accessories Production Equipment

YIYI hair accessories have complete equipment to support production needs. From the procurement of acetate raw materials, the production of acetate sheets, cutting and shaping. The purpose is to control the quality of hair accessories and the delivery time of orders.

  • Large-scale plate production equipment
  • High-speed computer controlled cutting machine
  • Plate high temperature production equipment
  • ACETATE production equipment
  • Acetate material warehouse
  • Acetate backlog machine
  • Exhibition Show


YIYI Hair Accessories has participated in various international popular hair accessories exhibitions, hoping to establish good cooperative relations with more customers.

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