8.8CM Rainbow Round Acetate hair claw


Color:Accept Customization (color card selection)


Packaging: OPP (Accept custom packaging)

MOQ: 50pcs each color

Production time: 7-12 Days

Metal color: Gold, Silver

Logo: Accept Customization

This clip claw is suitable for holding half of your hair

Simple and elegant!


Every fashion-forward woman knows how important it is to have the right accessories to perfectly complement any outfit. That’s why we are proud to introduce our 8.8CM Rainbow Round Acetate Hair Claw, the perfect solution for keeping your hair stylishly in place and adding a pop of color to your day.

This middle size hair claw is just the right size for securing medium-thickness locks in place without being too bulky. The round shape of the claw adds a touch of elegance to any hairstyle, creating a sophisticated, professional look. The 8.8cm size ensures that you can comfortably hold a larger amount of hair securely, making it the ideal choice for those with abundant locks or curly hair.

Made from high-quality acetate material, this hair claw is incredibly durable and will last for years to come. With sturdy teeth that grip your hair securely, you can put your worries of slipping and sliding behind you, giving you peace of mind no matter what your day throws at you.

One of the best things about our Rainbow Round Acetate Hair Claw is its customizable color options. Choose from a range of bright and bold colors to suit your taste and style. Whether you prefer subtle pastel shades or vibrant, eye-catching hues, we have a color option that will match your personality and outfit perfectly. Use a different shade for every day of the week, or mix and match to create your own unique look.

Not only is it practical, but this hair accessory is also incredibly stylish. The striking rainbow colors make it a statement piece that will elevate any ensemble, from a casual weekend outfit to a chic workday wardrobe. Perfect for both everyday use or special occasions, our Rainbow Round Acetate Hair Claw will quickly become a staple in your hair accessory collection.

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1. Versatile styling: Holds different hair types & styles securely in place with the middle size hair claw – suitable for both everyday wear or special occasions.
2. Sleek & trendy design: Featuring a rainbow blend of colors, this 8.8cm round hair claw makes an exciting fashion statement.
3. Durable material: Made with high-quality acetate, the hair claw is sturdy and resistant to damage, ensuring long-lasting use.
4. Customizable color: Choose from a range of colors to match your hair & outfit perfectly.
5. Easy to use: The hair claw slides in and out smoothly, without pulling or damaging hair, making it a hassle-free hair accessory to use.

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