12cm Jumbo Stripe Acetate Hair Claw


Color:Accept Customization (color card selection)


Packaging: OPP (Accept custom packaging)

MOQ: 50pcs each color

Production time: 7-12 Days

Metal color: Gold, Silver

Logo: Accept Customization

This clip claw is suitable for holding half of your hair

Simple and elegant!


Looking for a hair claw that can hold your thick and long locks effortlessly? We have got you covered with our 12cm Jumbo Stripe Acetate Hair Claw! This hair accessory is designed to make hairstyling easier than ever before.

Our jumbo hair claw comes in a striped pattern, adding a stylish touch to any hairstyle. Made from high-quality acetate material, this hair claw is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. The claw is perfect for all hair types and provides a secure grip that lasts all day without causing any discomfort.

The 12cm Jumbo Stripe Acetate Hair Claw is the perfect accessory for those who want to customize their look. Whether you are going for a casual look or a formal one, this hair claw will elevate your style game instantly. You can use it for an elegant bun, a chic ponytail, or a messy updo – the possibilities with this hair claw are endless!

What sets us apart is our commitment to provide high-end hair accessories at affordable prices. Our jumbo hair claw is not only stylish but also practical. It comes in two color variations – black and tortoiseshell – so you can choose the one that suits your preference.

Our hair claw is easy to handle and use, especially when you are in a hurry. Simply gather your hair and secure it with the claw for an instant hair transformation. You don’t need any help to style your hair now! Our hair claw also makes a great gift for fashion-conscious individuals.

In conclusion, our 12cm Jumbo Stripe Acetate Hair Claw is a must-have accessory for anyone who loves to stand out from the crowd. With its trendy design, high-quality material, and hassle-free usage, you won’t regret adding this hair claw to your styling arsenal. Buy now and rock any hairstyle without breaking the bank!

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1. Jumbo Hair Claw: This 12cm jumbo hair claw is perfect for holding even the thickest hair in place.
2. Stripe Hair Claw: The stylish striped design of this claw makes it a trendy accessory for any hairstyle.
3. Acetate Hair Claw: Made from high-quality acetate material, this hair claw is strong and durable while remaining lightweight.
4. Customize Hair Claw: Its simple yet elegant design allows you to easily customize it to match any outfit or occasion.
5. High-end Hair Claw: This hair claw is a high-end beauty accessory that will add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your look.

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